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I grew up in Lively, Ontario a small town outside of Sudbury and began playing instruments at age 12. I quickly realized that music was my passion and that the pursuit of achieving my dreams was to be the focus of my musical achievements. I started with playing woodwind instruments and brass in different ensembles and marching bands, then I received my first electric guitar and amplifier. Writing and composing various styles of music became the forefront in my activities. I practiced regularly to further my understanding and technical abilities as a musician.

Some of my early influences include Randy Rhodes, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert,Tony Iomi, David Gilmour, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Some of the influential bands would include Dream Theater, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Mettallica, Pink Floyd and AC/DC.

After some years of playing in various cover acts I realized that writing and performing original music was the direction with most importance. Shortly after high school I moved to Windsor Ontario to find work with some friends. After some time and meeting many different musicians in the area along side with Chuck Arsenault, we crossed paths with William Hawksworth. With this we formed the nucleus of what was to become King Misift. After auditioning numerous musicians for the project we met Michael Dean Muzzatti who came in and "blew our minds" on the drum kit. Muzzatti brought with him two stellar musicians and song writers Richard Miles and Mike Burke. From this the engine was primed and ready to race. We quickly found that each member was an invaluable contributor to the project and look forward to making Musical history together as KING MISFIT.

I play Mesa Boogie Mark V series amplifiers and Mesa 4x12 cabs, Gibson and Ernie Ball guitars. In my effects rack I use TC Electronics, Drawmer Compressors, Vodoo Labs Ground Control, and Dunlop Wah. I also use D'Addario strings, Boss Tuners, V Picks and Yorkville Cables.