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I started playing the piano at the early age of 11 through lessons. By the age of 12 I picked up my first electric guitar and knew right away that it was for me. I instantly felt at home. Practicing for 8 hours a day and improving my skills, my parents realized that I could be onto something and strongly encouraged me to continue and helping me along the way, and they bought me my first amp.

I was influenced by the rock bands of the 80's such as Guns N Roses, Ozzy Osborne, Skid Row and many others. As my technical abilities grew stronger, so did my hunger for a challenge so I started searching for bands and musicians that could push me to my limits. I found what I was looking for with the great Yngwie Malmsteen. The marriage between Heavy Metal and Classical music or as I like to put it: "Beauty and the beast", it would soon become iconic in my writing and playing styles. Learning different technics such as sweep picking, lagoto, arpegios and alternate picking.

Years went by and I discovered a band called Dream Theater and they changed my way of thinking forever. Searching for bands With that progressive nature, I came across many great bands that would play a strong role in my creativity. To date, I am heavily influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Nightwish, Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamolot, my good friend the great Sam Yelda, Avantasia, Yngwie Malsteen, Steve Vai, Thought Chamber, Al Dimiola, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Felix Mandelssohn and many film composers such as Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and Tyler Bates to name a few. There are far too many to mention here but you get the idea.

After many years of learning my craft and finding my style, I found a home in KING MISFIT and am now able to express my Symphonic Progressive Metal backgrounds with real seasoned musicians.

My favorite things to do is write, compose, and orchestrate music both film score and Metal. I am currently using Mesa Boogie amps and cabs, TC Electronic FX, DBX comp/gates, Dunlop wah, Ibanez tS-9 tubescreamer, Furman power conditioner, Ibanez guitars, Dimarzio pickups, Dunlop jazz III pics, D'adario strings.