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By Jack Antonio | Nov 24th 2011

Next, the mighty King Misfit. You wanna talk about mixoflobulian scales? These guys might as well change their name to it because the guitar work is "stellar". No, I don't mean they sound like the band from the Russian Federation of the same name (HI BIG K!)...what I mean to say is the stuff this guitar dude pulls off is amazing, eh? Folks, this is prog metal at it's finest and the site has done all it can to recognize this. They have been featured on the homepage banner, reviewed by A&R twice, been recipients of the "Riddle of Song" badge, and have also had a track on the 2010 sampler. So what next? What do these guys have to do to get signed? Listen, review, and let them know! What's missing and what doesn't fit? And if the answer to that question is "nothing" then hit up their online store right here on SignMeTo!



Written By: Dick Hildebrand

He’s a dad, an entrepreneur, a shrewd businessman, an artist, a composer and a superlative rock musician. William Hawksworth is proud to call himself an Essex County boy. He still lives in Amherstburg, the town of his youth, where he attended elementary school and matriculated from General Amherst High. He earned a graphic design degree from St. Clair College and opened a successful design business. As a teenager he jammed with his father who was an accomplished guitarist. “I always loved listening to him play in our basement with the amp cranked”, says William, “and I decided to pick up his guitar and play.” He learned a few chords and began writing songs. After high school, William’s music gradually gained importance and he joined a number of bands as a singer-guitarist, including 8ight Past Nine where he and best friend Kevin Jarvis served as front men. Because of creative differences, William and two other members, Chuck Aresenault and Todd Kidd left in 2009 with the aim of taking their musical prowess in a different direction. “The separation, although difficult”, explains William, “was not malicious”, and he and Kevin remain good friends. “We left 8ight Past Nine because of our hard rock influence and with the idea that we wanted to try something a little bit edgier…. something a little bit less ordinary, so we started experimenting”, adds William and King Misfit was born.

About 18 months ago, after a couple of personnel changes, Richard Miles, Michael Muzzati and Michael Burke were added to the lineup. They had just left Mekanical Daydream, a band that had spent 2 unsuccessful years trying to find that right vocalist and keyboard player. King Misfit has a hard rock sound and while there’s no unnecessary screaming, the guitars are edgy, the songs have a symphonic metal element with a definite classic influence, and the lyrics are sometimes gritty and controversial. William calls the sound, ‘progressive symphonic metal’……” it’s kind of like a beauty and the beast effect featuring a hard-edged guitar sound combined with the elegance of orchestral strings. A lot of the feedback we’re getting is that we have a refreshing older sound.” All 6 King Misfit members have jobs outside of their music. They’re keenly aware of the fickleness of the industry and while each would love to pursue a full time musical career, none has any intention of leaving a secure position unless a realistic career opportunity is presents itself.

William Hawksworth, 33, is the band’s lead vocalist and chief lyricist. He’s married and is the father of two young boys. He doesn’t play an instrument on stage with King Misfit, but often uses his guitar to demonstrate ideas to band members, or when composing a new song.

Todd Kidd, in his late 30s is married with 3 children and is an industrial company manager by trade. One of the King Misfit guitarists, he’s also instrumental in the creative process.

Richard Miles, a father of 4, is the group’s lead guitarist with a unique ability to arrange an entire song by himself. According to William, “he’s one of those guys who can sit with the keyboard, drum kit and guitar and put together an entire song.”

Chuck Arsenault is in his late 30s and provides the keyboard soundscapes. He’s a dad to 5 kids and like his bandmate Richard, he works in the Long Term Care industry.

The band’s drummer and percussionist is Michael Muzzatti, 42, a Ford of Canada employee. He’s been hammering out beats since he was extremely young. He’s married with 2 kids.

Michael Burke is King Misfit’s bass player and works in the Tool Trade.

During the past year and a half, the band members have been writing music and are in the process of releasing their first recording entitled “Under Ancient Ground”, which is also the title of one of the 9 original tunes on the disc.

The recordings and final mastering were done at SLR Studios in Windsor under the watchful eye of Martin Bak. The disc, which sells for $15 a copy, will be publicly released June 11th at the Blind Dog concert hall at 671 Ouellette Avenue. It’s available on the band’s website, as well as iTunes and several other digital distributors.

After the release party, King Misfit will be working toward a live schedule for the summer. Updates will be provided regularly on the website.

Meanwhile, the band has drawn the attention from Road Runner records which has organized a website titled “Sign Me To Road Runner Records”, which allows independent bands to upload up to 3 songs and a biography for a rating. “The feedback”, beams William, “has been fantastic! We ended up topping the metal daily and weekly charts, and even topped the rock charts.” Road Runner's Senior Vice President of new media apparently fell in love with the title tune and requested more songs and comprehensive band information.

Consequently, the disc is now in the hands of the record company’s hierarchy and with any luck, King Misfit could be on the verge of the breakthrough that its members have sought ever since they developed that burning desire to make music!

95.1 & 100.7 THE ROCK RADIO INTERVIEW (JUNE 5, 2011)


YouTube Preview Image


Written By: Craig McKenzie

Since the 1970′s, Progressive Rock has seemed to be that of a staple within the Heavy Metal Genre. Long, drawn-out songs containing extended, glittery guitar solos, heart pounding bass lines and rhythmic percussion sequences that can range from earthy timpani beats to machine gun speed in a matter of seconds. And whether your first inclination of Prog-rock was with the power trio Rush, the over-the-top art rock of Dream Theater, or the local Anonymous Bosch, King Misfit should fit easily into your genre-specific music library.

I first heard of the band via word of mouth; a few co-workers mentioned a contest run by Road Runner records where bands can win a chance to get signed to the label. So I thought I’d check out the website. What was offered was 3 crisply produced songs and 2 behind-the-scenes videos during their recording sessions. As of 23 March, they currently held the top stop in the daily metal category.

King Misfit is comprised of 6 seasoned musicians all residing locally to Windsor. In some hard rocks circuits through the city, the word is that the guitar playing of Todd Kidd and Richard Miles is nothing short of ‘virtuoso’. When ‘Under Ancient Ground’ blasted threw my speakers I was shocked. Pulled right in by Charles Arsenault’s keyboard riff, and held tight by the Geoff Tate-esque wails of singer William Hawksworth. The 7 and 1/2 minute song doesn’t bore or stale, instead intrigues .. leaving the listener wanting to explore through the mysteries and puzzlement that classic progressive acts bleed as a muse.

‘Under Ancient Ground’ was the ‘shortest’ of the 3 tracks available. Both ‘Anguish’ and ‘Five Dollar Soldier’ clock in at 8+ minutes, the latter closer to the 9 minute mark. Both tunes follow the same progressive suit in that they devise a linchpin method of shredding guitars over a symphonic rhythm section. And singer, Hawksworth doesn’t disappoint as he thoroughly delivers the goods as a Queensrÿche crooner. As ‘Five Dollar Soldier’ concludes, we hear an isolated mariachi-style guitar play a fitting finale. Like watching a spaghetti western on the big screen, the hero here is the listener. Maybe not for everyone, but for fans of muscled prog-rock and symphonic metal, King Misfit are an accomplished fit and a great local talent.



Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Winter Sampler Track Listing!
By Heff | Feb 25th 2011

Hey all,

Finally the time has come. After listening to 400+ different artists we are proud announce the Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Winter Sampler track list. We were floored with the amount of participants and heard A LOT of great artists. Thank you for supporting the site and Roadrunner Records. If your band didn't make this sampler, do not worry. there will be others! We are looking to start the summer sampler sign-ups in a few weeks so keep checking back.

This sampler highlights Roadrunner Records staff picks as well as dedicated Scout picks. It truly captures the diverse sound of all artists on SignMeTo Roadrunner Records. You will find a wide variety of genres including Rock, Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Industrial and just plain old unique. We are set to release the sampler March 4th!

Ok! I have rambled enough so on with the track listing!

The Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records 2010 Winter Sampler

Bad Salad - Crowded Sky (Picked by AncientSensei - SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Scout)
Masque Of Death - Abeyance (Picked by Jeremy Rosen - Roadrunner Records)
Motherboar - Croctosquatch (Picked by Jen Guyre - Roadrunner Records)
Magic Hammer - Dance On Fire: Retribution (Picked by Lilly Ryden - Roadrunner Records)
The Things They Carried - 364 Day Anniversary (Picked by --Heff-- - Roadrunner Records)
Lions - Gimmie Riot (Picked by Ron Burman - Roadrunner Records A&R)
eEnik - Passive Attack (Picked by --Heff-- - Roadrunner Records)
Bipolar Echo - What I Thought (Picked by Jeremy Rosen - Roadrunner Records)
Laudanum Forest - The Asylum (Picked by Jon Satterley - Roadrunner Records)
King Misfit - Under Ancient Ground (Picked by Jon Satterley - Roadrunner Records)
Synesis Absorption - Disgrace of Redemption (Picked by Kahlum - SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Scout)
The Last Ten Seconds of Life - Jealousy Is Hell (Picked by --Heff-- - Roadrunner Records)
Tooms - Headbang Headcrash (Picked by Lilly Ryden - Roadrunner Records)
All Hail The Yeti - Deep Creek (Picked by Monte Conner - Roadrunner Records A&R)