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I was born in the city of Montreal, Quebec (French- Canada). My family moved to LaSalle, Ontario when I was four. Musically inclined, my parents enrolled me in piano lessons at the age of seven. At age 10, my father bought me my first accoustic guitar. While the pop music of that era was extremely popular (Michael Jackson, Roxy Music, Rolling Stones), my first store-bought record was Rush's "Fly By Night." This was the start of my fascination of Heavy Metal music. By the age of fourteen, I started studying more progressive material, my favourites being Yes, Genesis, ELP, Led Zeppelin, and Rush. After spending two years playing guitar in many different bands, Jim Ciuciura, my high school music teacher gave me permission to bring the school's electric bass guitar (a Sears and Roebuck model), home for the night. The conversion was instant. After reaching the third grade in piano, Excelling in all saxaphones and woodwind instruments in high school, and actively playing guitar in bands, I decided the bass would be the instrument I could express my rhythmic self with.

I was introduced to Richard Miles while playing in a band with a friend of mine. He had recruited Richard to play rhythm guitar, and I was impressed with this young man's skills on guitar. Even though Richard never had the opportunity for improvisation, I knew what lied beneath the cover, and something told me there was more to Richard Miles. I had played for about six months with Richard, and then I left the band. Several years later, I ran into Richard at a local coffee shop. Then he asked me if I was still playing music, gave me a taped recording of some original progressive metal he was developing. He needed a bass player to work with, and a drummer as well. At the time, I was working in an auto plant with drummer, Mike Muzzatti. When I had a day off, I drove about 15km over the speed limit to get this tape into his hands. The music was "different" than what I was used to as a local musician, but challenging just the same. I came to the realization, the music, and this coffee induced "maniacal" guitar player could be the break I needed from my mundane musical endeavours. I played and developed several concept songs with Richard and Muzzatti that they were quite proud of. After taking about a half year hiatus, I was playing frequently with a local act when Richard and Muzzatti contacted me and told me of a band they had joined called KING MISFIT. This was an opportunity too good to be true because I had been searching for a project to challenge myself musically. When I first learned some of their material for the audition, I was satisfied that this was what I needed. My first jam confirmed that. The rest is (you guessed it) history.

My bass rig is as simple as they come: Furman Power Conditioning Peavey GPS 1500 amplifier Rocktron ProBass Stereo Digital preamp Alesis M-EQ 230 2 channel dual octave equalizer Alesis 3630 Stereo compression and gate Mesa-Boogie 2x10 and 1-15 Road King Cabs

Basses: Conklin GTBD-7 Conklin GT-7 Cort Artisan-6