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I have been a musician most of my life. I started playing keyboards/piano and brass instruments when I was 12. My musical journey has lead me to a variety of different groups and genres including Symphonies, Brass Ensembles, Concert Bands, Jazz/Stage bands, Drum Corps, Traditional Bands and Rock Bands.

Growing up my focus was playing music theorically and classically minded, which opened my world to arranging and composing music. In my teens I started playing many instruments which really opened up my musical world and allowed me to be a self-sufficent songwriter/musician.

Early on I was heavily influenced by bands such as Asia, Yes, King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer to name a few and after hearing the Yes "Drama" album I was blown away and knew I wanted to be a rock keyboardist.

In 2005 I reunited with long time band mate Todd Kidd and we joined forces with William Hawksworth to form 8ight Past Nine, a soft rock band with strong emphasis on catchy hooks and strong melodies. We released our debut album titled "Stood on the Rain" to rave reviews. We were working on preproduction for album 2 and there were major direction differences, some of us wanted to go in a more edgy progressive direction while others wanted to stick with the soft rock side. Will, Todd and I decided to part ways with 8ight Past Nine and formed King Misfit. The vision of King Misfit was to be a project where every member is a songwriter and equal contributor.

About six months into this project I formed a cover band called Fit For Radio as a side project ,this was when I met and first played with Michael Muzzatti and Richard Miles. The chemistry with Mike and Richard was amazing right from the start they heard some King Misfit material and loved it. After I explained we were having some issues with members in the band they eagerly told me they would love to be part of the project. I was super excited when they had told me this so I talked with Will and Todd and we arranged to get together to jam. The chemistry from the first song we played together was undeniable. They shared the same enthusiasm as us for creating original music. It was an easy decision to bring them on board. Mike and Rich suggested bringing in their old band mate and amazing bassist Mike Burke. We set up a rehearsal with Mike and we knew instantly he was the right guy to complete the line up.

Chuck plays Yamaha and Korg keyboards