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KING MISFIT is a Progressive Symphonic Metal band comprised of 6 seasoned musicians from Southwestern Ontario Canada.

After a lot of hard work and detemination, KING MISFIT is proud to announce that our first album is finally completed and available to you. We started our journey back in January 2009 and several changes took place along the way. By mid 2010 we were ready to start recording our first album. The album features 9 tracks that were Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Martin Bak of SLR Studios. Marty also took a Co-producer role and offered several subtle but effective ideas for most of the songs.

The first track of the album titled: "Corridor" is an instrumental that was orignally composed by Richard Miles. We revisited the Bass, Drums Guitars and a few Keyboard parts and kept all of the Midi elements Richard had originally composed. Marty remixed and mastered the track. The rest of the songs were a collaborative effort of all members, sometimes starting with a pre-conceived guitar riff and/or structure, a drum groove or a melody, any creative idea that could inspire a song. Then we take ideas and develop them through improvisation in the rehearsal space. This first album was an exciting journey for us, getting to know each other in the process and developing a creative flow that works. This is only the beginning, as KING MISFIT is always writing material... and there is a lot more to come in the future.